FIRSTABILITY, Inc. (the “Organization”) is a private, 501(c)(3), nonprofit Florida corporation incorporated in Florida.

The Organization’s mission is to achieve positive, lasting change for youth by providing life skills, education and a supportive economically mobile communities. The organization seeks to provide services that focused on youth development, economic self‐sufficiency, low and affordable housing and education to ensure at‐risk youth do not drop out of school, do not engage in criminal activities, complete their education and enter the workforce as self‐sufficient, contributing members of the community. All youth receive assessments, life plan and evaluations, intensive case management, counseling and mentors. Additional program activities include: tutoring, mentoring, social and recreational activities, emergency needs assistance for food, clothing, housing, education workshops, life skill training, post‐secondary education support, internships and job placements, service learning projects, self‐ advocacy learning and more. The Organization’s program annually serves over 200 high school, and college age youth.

Firstability, Inc formerly known as The McDougle Family Foundation, a 501c3 organization with the vision of using role models and mentors to bring stability to today’s Youth and Tomorrow’s Leaders. The Co-founders of Firstability are Stockar and Jerome McDougle, two brothers who grew up in Deerfield Beach and played football for rival high schools (Deerfield Beach and Blanche Ely). The brothers are both retired from the National Football League (NFL) and both were first round draft picks into the NFL. The brothers formed the foundation with the goal of making a difference in the local community where they grew up. 

After retirement, the McDougle brothers sponsored various events and used the proceeds to give back to the community. After looking back over their school career both realize that there is a missing link in the guidance of our nation’s youth. Many youth especially athletes leave school with little education and find themselves lacking the skills needed to succeed in life after the NFL. The McDougle Family Foundation wants to equip youth with tools and strategies to help them continue to be successful after high school by providing mentoring, coaching and training for today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders. 

This foundation is dedicated to providing today’s youth with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in school.  Often many of our children focus on athletics and leave education and healthy living behind.  Our program focuses our children’s attention on education and health while supporting their interest in passion for sports We Coach, We Mentor and We change Lives.