Since 2005, The McDougle Family Foundation, a youth-serving organization has been bridging the gap and exposing youth to career and college related services providing tutoring, mentoring, soft-skill development, career exploration, job readiness, summer job opportunities, scholarships and athletic programs.  

MTI Prep serves out of school youth (ages 16-24) who have left or graduated from the traditional school system with the resources they need to improve academically by providing accredited high school credit recovery classes, GED and SAT/ACT Prep and other online resources for college prep admission and or exposure to career-related services that will help them become better prepared to enter the workforce.   

In 2019, with the support of the City of Pompano Beach, McDougle Technical Institute and other community partners, MTI Prep launched a post-graduate prep football program (also known as a 13th year or GAP Year program) committed to helping student-athletes by providing a pathway to career and college education. 

Student athletes engage in a rigorous sports program to work on improving strength and conditioning levels, playing ability, time management, accountability, confidence, maturity and leadership. The team competes against NAIA and Division III Junior Varsity Collegiate teams, Junior College Prep teams and Club teams to showcase the student’s talent for exposure in order to gain advancement and scholarships to college.  

MTI Prep provides housing, transportation, meals, positive out of school activities, job fairs and welcomes visits from top colleges across the country looking for upcoming student athletes that are now academically eligible and athletically stronger after completing the MTI Prep program.

In its inaugural year, MTI Prep went undefeated and won the CAIA National Championship.  MTI Prep promotes its brand and the power of athletics and community to create an experience filled with team spirit and camaraderie, in efforts to help students enter the workforce, or matriculate to other institutions such as Keiser University, Florida International University, Florida Memorial University, Kentucky University, Western Kentucky University and other NAIA, NCAA colleges, and of course McDougle Technical Institute.

With a successful and competitive postgrad athletic program, MTI Prep has become recognized nationally by public and private high schools and college coaches across the country as a reputable post grad pathway to higher education and or career training that leads to gainful employment for students that need a second chance.